Digital Think Tanks

Our Digital Think Tanks are highly engaging and interactive virtual environments in the form of a 90- minute virtual roundtable that enable senior decision-makers from across our community to address the key technology and business challenges and opportunities in their organisation. These private gatherings allow for open dialogue alongside standout vendors who can offer world-class insights and solutions.


If you would like to find out more about joining our community or leading one of our Digital Think Tanks for our community on a specific topic please click here.

How it works

We work closely with our Vendor partners as the host who sits in the sweet spot of an industry need. Together with our vendor partners, we co-create a target profile document so that the roundtable is ONLY populated with genuine and qualified prospects from the vendor's target logos and job titles.

Mitigated Risk

To reduce your risk and maximise your return on investment, we contractually guarantee a minimum of 5 to 6 end-user executives per think tank. All participants will sit within your target wish-list of organisations and hold the executive job titles you have provided to CMC as our vendor partner.

Data Driven

Data is at the heart of our community; this enables us to populate each Think Tank with like- minded individuals who have outlined specific priority projects, challenges, and/or opportunities they face relevant to your technology and/or service.

As the host, you will set several qualifying questions and topics graded by the participants. We provide this information to you in a report seven days before the Think Tank enabling you to look at the commonalities across the intimate group and structure your content for the Think Tank accordingly.


Post Digital Think Tank

The Digital Think Tank will be recorded and provided for your internal use.

For you to have adequate follow-up discussions, we provide contact details of all participants that have allowed their information to be shared immediately after the Digital Think Tank completion.

Post-Digital Think Tank CMC will speak with all participants to receive feedback about the Think Tank. As the Host, you can set us three key post-qualifying questions to ask each participant; we will document the responses and provide this information into a Post-Think Tank Report so that you can contextualise and prioritise your follow-up activities.

Digital Think Tank Partnership Package
  • 1 x 90-minute Digital Think Tank
  • Six guaranteed participants from the target list provided from the client to CMC
  • Pre-Think Tank client profile document
  • Co-creation of the Connect Intelligence Report to be completed by all end-user participants
  • Completed Connect Intelligence report to be sent to the client one week prior to the Digital Think Tank
  • 1 x CMC Moderator to be provided for the Think Tank duration
  • Pre think tank moderator call to share best practice and discuss content creation
  • Post-Think Tank recording to be provided to Host
  • Contact details of all participants to be provided to the client on the day of Digital Think Tank
  • Post Think Tank follow up; the client can send through 3 post Think Tank follow up questions for CMC to ask each participant
  • Post-Think Tank report & introductions where requested

Option 1
6 Guaranteed Executives
  • 1 x Digital Think Tank - £10,000GBP
  • 2 x Digital Think Tanks - £9,000GBP Per Think Tank
  • 3 x Digital Think Tanks - £8,750GBP Per Think Tank
  • 4 – 9 Digital Think Tanks - £8,500GBP Per Think Tank
  • 10 or more Digital Think Tanks - £8,000GBP Per Think Tank
Option 2
5 Guaranteed Executives
  • 2 x Digital Think Tanks - £8,750GBP Per Think Tank
  • 3 x Digital Think Tanks - £8,500GBP Per Think Tank
  • 4 – 9 Digital Think Tanks - £8,000GBP Per Think Tank
  • 10 or more Digital Think Tanks - £7,750GBP Per Think Tank

How it works

The virtual roundtables bring together technology leaders to exchange insights and experiences on live challenges and opportunities that they are all looking to address and discuss.

These intimate 90-minute Digital Think Tanks are strictly limited to no more than 7 participants; this allows for ease of open dialogue with like-minded peers wanting to debate, interact, and engage on a defined, relevant, and timely topic. You can access our platform from any device and any location.

We connect senior executives through our online communities, providing high-quality content and tailored networking for C-level business leaders at no financial cost, minimal time investment, and no travel.

Our Digital Think Tanks are aligned perfectly with time-restricted senior business leaders enabling you to gain value within your industry. Networking and learning about other experiences and shared insights around your key challenges. CMC Digital Think Tanks truly help facilitate a more defined roadmap to uncover opportunities and/or find a solution to your priority challenges.

Data Driven

At CMC Digital, we will only reach out to those in our community with a shared focus and a defined topic. Using a questionnaire via a link, we will ask all the chosen Digital Think Tank participants to provide relevant information around the discussion topic to create a focused Think Tank agenda both relevant and timely.

The Digital Think Tank objective is to provide the most valuable and relevant agenda for its participants delivering real value. The questionnaire will allow us to build a bespoke agenda and ensure that the Digital Think Tank you attend is of utmost relevance to your current challenges and interests.

Post Digital Think Tank

At CMC Digital, it is very important for us to receive feedback on all our products and digital initiatives. Post-Digital Think Tank, we will provide each of the participants an opportunity to give feedback on their experience. This feedback will ask for information on the format, the host, the content, and the topics discussed. Additionally, you can let us know your key areas of interest so we can produce relevant Think Tanks in the future.

We will never use your details for marketing on any other CMC 3rd party activity as we follow 'Chatham House Rules'!